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Safe Table Learning Collaborative for Medical Officers

January 16, 2020 April 20, 2020

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Applying QI Frameworks to Well-Being

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Guest Speakers

Chris Sinsky, MD is the Vice President of Professional Satisfaction at the American Medical Association. A board certified internist, she also practices at Medical Associates Clinic and Health Plans in Dubuque, Iowa. Dr. Sinsky has worked to elevate national awareness of health professional well-being as an important driver of health system performance. From 2011 to 2012 she led “In Search of Joy in Practice: A Report of 23 High-Functioning Primary Care Practices,” a project of the ABIM Foundation. She also co-authored the 2013 paper “From Triple to Quadruple Aim: Care of the Patient Requires Care of the Provider.” At the AMA she leads the development of initiatives to improve clinician well-being and reduce burnout. A frequent invited lecturer on practice innovation, redesign and physician satisfaction, Dr. Sinsky has presented widely, both nationally and internationally.

Dr. Sinsky will give the keynote presentation on January 16 on how to create the organizational foundation for wellness  and address the key drivers of burnout.

Nick Meo, MD and Russ Migita, MD, from the UW Medicine Center for Scholarship in Patient Care Quality and Safety, will facilitate a series of rapid-fire presentations on QI tools that can be used to improve well-being, followed by tabletop exercises and report-outs. The goals are to identify local root causes of physician burnout by creating a driver diagram; develop a set of measures to guide future improvement work; plan an intervention; and use an implementation toolkit to assist with local efforts to address burnout.


8 a.m. Check-in and Networking Breakfast
9 a.m. Welcome, Opening Remarks, and Introductions – Scott Kennedy, MD
9:15 a.m. Keynote: Creating the Organizational Foundation for Wellness that Addresses Key Drivers of Burnout – Chris Sinsky, MD, VP, Professional Satisfaction, AMA
10:15 a.m. Networking Break
10:30 a.m. Driver Diagram: Rapid-Fire, Tabletop and Report-out – Nick Meo, MD and Russ Migita, MD
11:30 a.m. Setting Measures to Guide QI Efforts: Rapid-Fire – Nick Meo, MD and Russ Migita, MD
11:45 a.m. Lunch
12:45 p.m. Setting Measures to Guide QI Efforts: Tabletop and Report-out – Nick Meo, MD and Russ Migita, MD
1:30 p.m. PDSA: Rapid-Fire, Tabletop and Report-out – Nick Meo, MD and Russ Migita, MD
2:30 p.m. Adjourn

All Safe Table events are held at:
The Conference Center at SeaTac Airport
17801 International Boulevard
SeaTac, WA 98158